Never Never Again Land

Web Drifter

Never Never Again Land

Martin web drifts, the home page of Peter Pan. Or at least the home page of a guy named Randy Constan, who has something of an obsession with dressing up as Peter Pan.

Many Americans might jump to conclusions when presented with a 56-year old Florida man who dresses like Peter Pan as well as other sundry tutu and slipper-wearing pixies, Little Boy Blue, bunny rabbits, and school girls. The man also decorates his house with stuffed animals and porcelain figurines and prefers to skip rather than walk.

But most of the assumptions your narrow mind has cooked up about this man would be dead wrong. In fact, this Internet phenom fairy, who talks like a Brooklyn can driver, could almost assuredly kick your ass and steal your gal, and that's not even the biggest surprise.

Watch Web Drifter Episode 5: Never, Never Again Land, now!

(Bonus: If you really want to do your inner child a favor, buy his fantastic new album).