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  • Vine Star And Accused Rapist Curtis Lepore Lands TV Show

    Vine star, Curtis Lepore, cut a plea deal and got his rape charge reduced to a felony assault. Now, he's getting his own television show. Should we hold Hollywood to higher standards?

    The New Show

  • Pick a Lock for Free with DIY Lock Picking Set

    Make a lock pick set from metal scraps.

    DIY Tryin

  • Control Your PC With Chat Commands! Twitch Plays Anything.

    We turn Rev3Games' Twitch chat into the camera switcher!

    DIY Tryin

  • Gain Complete Control of Your Phone with Tasker

    Home automation, custom trigger, better security. Do ANYTHING with Tasker!

    DIY Tryin

  • Build A Survival Kit BEFORE The Next Emergency or Disaster!!!

    This week is a little different--we're putting together an emergency kit for when the next big disaster strikes.

    DIY Tryin

  • Cable Management 101: Make Your PC Pretty and Improve Airflow - DIY Extra

    Our resident PC elitist joins to show us a thing or two about cable management.

    DIY Tryin

  • Screw The XBOX ONE and the PS4... We Built a Gaming PC for $380!

    We don't need no stinkin' consoles...or PC cases for that matter. We build a sub-$400 (and even cheaper if you shop around!) gaming PC that can run games like Titanfall on High settings.

    DIY Tryin

  • Can You Stop BadUSB? BitTorrent Sync 1.4 Demo! Gaming Motherboards vs. Motherboards. The Nostalgia Machine, IO BookBar, UPS Recco, MacBook Air Guts!

    Change your USB habits, because restricting account access isn't going to help. We demo BitTorrent Sync 1.4--a huge update for our favorite distributed file sharing program.


  • Data Visualization and Plotting Made Easy - DIY Extra

    Have a pile of data that you need to make sense of? Take a look at this DIY Tryin Extra!

    DIY Tryin

  • Surface Mount Soldering w/ Ben Heck

    Removing microprocessors by hand? Yep, it's possible!

    DIY Tryin