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  • iPhone Tricks You Never Knew

    You don't need an iPhone 7 to have a good time! There are a few things the iPhone does that no one pays attention to! This and more today on

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  • CoWorkers Try To Figure Out Magic

    Yeah it's not actual magic guys. Just demons.


  • How Do I Play Pokemon GO? Beginners Guide

    New to the game or just getting started? Maude is here to give you a handy beginners guide to the super popular app!

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  • Quick Tips: Removing Reflections!

    Today, we show 2 easy ways to remove reflections from glasses!

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  • Quicktips: 5 Tips For Faster Editing!

    Ryan gives his top 5 editing tips that will make your editing life better!

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  • Quicktips: DIY Lighting Tricks!

    Today, we look at some low cost tricks to light your scene, without any Pro lights!

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  • 6 Tricks For Dealing With Bratty Kids

    Got some punk kids? Or just know some? Watch this video to get some tips on dealing with them. Disclaimer: Don't blame us if your kids are even worse after this.


  • TRIALS FUSION Gameplay Impressions! First Hands-on With Tricks, New Bikes, and More!

    TRIALS FUSION is bringing the addictive Trials franchise into the next generation on April 16th. Check out the first Trials Fusion gameplay and find out what Zac Minor thought of the new tricks system, bikes, and levels in his hands-on impressions.

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  • HTC One Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

    We love our HTC One smartphone, but after having it for a few months we know that there are a few hidden gems that some people have overlooked.

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  • So Long, and Thanks for All the Tips

    We've stopped posting to the Tekzilla Daily Tip feeds, but head over to where we'll be folding them in to the full show!

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