• Galaxy S8 vs S7 Comparison, Your Web History is For Sale, Nokia 2017 Phones

    Use Coupon Code "Android" at checkout Jayce talks this week's Android news!

    Android Authority

  • Linux Terminal 201: Working with Storage Media, ISO Images, and MD5 Checksums - HakTip 150

    Today on HakTip we're talking about dealing with flashdrives in the terminal.


  • Next Level Budget Phone - Meet the Moto G5 Plus

    The Moto G5 Plus has a lot going for it. Best of all, it's only $229 unlocked!


  • Crazy Visuals with DIY Lens Filters

    Today we experiment with lens filters to get trippy in camera effects!

    Film Riot

  • SO MUCH HATE! Why Dave Chappelle Is Under Attack For What He Did and More

    IT'S THURSDAY, YA WEIRDOS! jkjk...maybe...not?

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Samsung gives refunds for Galaxy S8?, Google Maps Shares Your Location

    Visit: to start your free account. Jayce talks this week's Android news!

    Android Authority

  • WOW! Is It Really Safe Or Fair? Controversial Win Sparks International Debate!

    Happy Wednesday, you Beautiful Bastards! Love yo faces.

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Concealed Exfiltration - Pocket Network Attacks with the Bash Bunny - Hak5 2202

    Exfiltrate documents with the Bash Bunny by Hak5. This pocket network attack uses Windows file sharing to quickly and easily liberate files!


  • Android O is here - Check out what's new! (Developer Preview)

    Google rolled out the first Developer Preview of Android O, promising the software will address a number of issues.


  • HUGE Freakout After Tomi Lahren Calls Conservative Majority Hypocrites

    Happy Tuesday, you Beautiful Bastards! :)

    The Philip DeFranco Show