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  • Hack Across the Planet 2017 Day 1 - Hak5 2201

    Darren Kitchen heads to Jakarta, Indonesia for Hak5's 2017 Hack Across the Planet!


  • Advanced Password Recovery with Hashcat - Hak5 2122

    Darren chats with EvilMog (Team Hashcat) about Hashcat, the world's fastest and most advanced password recovery tool.


  • Tracking Phones with Infrared and IRis - Hak5 2121

    Woody joins us on Hak5 to chat about his journey in discovering proximity sensor fingerprinting of smartphones and developing the IRis board


  • Shmoocon 2017: Sniffing IR Signals and More! - Hak5 2120

    Today on Hak5 we head to Washington DC for Shmoocon 2017! We chat sniffing IR signals, Dog Collar Radio Roulette, and a whole lot more!


  • Hack Your Holidays! - Hak5 2116

    Happy holidays from the team of Hak5! We are celebrating by decorating our con badge Christmas Tree, and sharing our favorite bloopers!


  • Stealing Files with the USB Rubber Ducky Pt 3 - Hak5 2114

    Exfiltrating documents with the USB Rubber Ducky, part 3! This time on Hak5.


  • Stealing Files with the USB Rubber Ducky - Hak5 2112

    Exfiltrate documents from a target computer within seconds with this USB Rubber Ducky attack!


  • How to Get a Reverse Shell in 3 Seconds with the USB Rubber Ducky - Hak5 2110

    In this episode of Hak5, we're creating a reverse shell with the USB Rubber Ducky that exploits a target computer in less than 3 seconds!


  • Hardware Hacking with Samy Kamkar - Hak5 2109

    In this episode of Hak5 we're joined by Samy Kamkar, the maker of many portable hacker devices!


  • Don't Want to Take a Test? Hack The President's Website!!

    Darn, I got a parking ticket! Better hack the president :/