• It's National F*cking Coffee Day!

    It's #NationalCoffeeDay so here's where you can get yourself some free or discounted java!


  • I've Cried 9 Times In One Day - Sourcefed Podcast

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  • Nerds Fist Fight Over Superhero Movies!

    Are superhero movies ruining the industry- or saving it? Bree and Whitney go head to head to duke it out at this year's Fantastic Debates!

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  • Everything Samsung Makes Explodes

    Samsung's top-load washing machines have been exploding for years along with their Galaxy Note 7. Explosions everywhere.


  • Fantastic Beasts Final Trailer BREAKDOWN and SPECULATION!

    Sam and Whit go through the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and speculate on what it all could mean!

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  • YouTuber ARRESTED Over Video and He LIVESTREAMED the Whole Thing?! So stupid...

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  • We're Never Playing Reddit 50/50 Again


  • Luke Cage's Pal Misty Knight: EXPLAINED!

    With Luke Cage premiering this week on Netflix Sam Bashor gives you the rundown on the other major Marvel character premiering in the series

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  • Never Stand Again - Self Driving Chairs Help You Be Lazy

    I want one as soon as possible.


  • What to expect from Google's Oct. 4 Event

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    Android Authority